We offer a range of high-quality training programs to suit the needs of your organisation. We are able to deliver lecture style training to a large group of people, as well as offering more intimate delivery to smaller groups. It is also possible to access our training via webinar, which allows your individual members of staff the freedom of being able to engage from anywhere, at a time that suits them.

All options will be tailored to your specified requirements and will allow for interaction between ourselves and your staff, ensuring that both you and they can be confident that their needs are met by the end of the session.

Our most popular courses

This course is a fantastic starting point for anybody who may be new to the world of safeguarding. It is a huge responsibly which can feel quite daunting, however our training is designed to cover all key aspects and leave staff reassured that they are able to handle safeguarding situations with confidence.

During this interactive training we will explore safeguarding in a national context, looking at the types of abuse we need to be aware of and how to handle disclosures effectively. We will also cover the PREVENT agenda and discuss the relevant duties of the individuals attending so that they can leave confident that are able to fulfil their safeguarding role.

When undertaking a safeguarding role, a common concern is often how the individual member of staff may be affected if anything goes wrong.

This training is available to help staff feel confident in their ability to protect themselves when working with young and vulnerable people by creating professional boundaries and ensuring best practice.

This course explores keeping ourselves safe on social media, and offers a range of opportunities for discussion around particular scenarios. This helps the attendees to develop an understanding of how they can protect their interests without jeopardising the level of support offered to those in their care.

A comprehensive course for those with the responsibility of being the Designated Safeguarding Lead within their setting. This training is particularly interactive, enabling attendees to discuss likely scenarios to build their confidence when handing disclosures from staff or students.

The Essential Training Company will cover all relevant points relating to current safeguarding legislation and guidance, as well as exploring the PREVENT agenda in depth. This course will also be tailored to your location, allowing us to signpost to relevant agencies that can help and support if a safeguarding situation arises. We will assess progress at the end of the session to ensure that attendees are able to successfully and confidently fulfil their role as the identified Safeguarding Lead.

This training course is specifically designed for Student Ambassadors who will be working with young people for a short period of time. We are aware that these young people are unlikely to have much safeguarding experience, and have tailored the course to act as both an introduction to safeguarding and reassurance that they feel protected and well informed before undertaking their new role.

We are particularly conscious of the fact that an Ambassadors short term involvement with young people may make them the ideal person to disclose abuse to, and feel passionate about them having the confidence to handle such occurrences.

The course considers types of abuse and how to refer, with an emphasis on passing on relevant information to their identified Safeguarding Lead. We will also discuss the PREVENT agenda, and give participants ample time and opportunity to ask questions and offer examples to allow them to feel totally reassured about their new role.

We will also consider social media conduct, professional boundaries and personal relationships, allowing you to feel reassured that the Ambassadors will be representing your organisation with professionalism.

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